The Founder, Gusta Booker, and staff would like to acknowledge and thank those who have donated your time and resources in support of a successful 2018 season!
(in alphabetical order)

The late Dr. Theola Booker, Executive Director. Posthumous EMERITUS
Alita Booker-Reed
Allison Blaire
Angela Naulings
Angie Hall
Annie Palms
Arthur Williams
Ava Parker
Beulah Neveu
Bobbie Brown
Booker Memorial Temple
Brandon Call
Brenda Patterson
Brianna Stubblefield
Bryanna Blades
Candice Brooks
Cherise Robertson
Cherylynn Harris
Clara Lucas
Clark Evans
Cornelius Ireland
Dan Lark
Debra Moore
Deborah Herring
Demetra Washington
Dorothy Ganious
Dorothy Whiting
Earl and Carolyn Gafford
Earnest Smith
Eddie Offord
Edna Bedford
Ella Pierre
Eva Mathis
Felecia Bryant
Felicia Raven
Fleshia Martin
Frank Cox
Garland and Vera Greene
Gladys Howard
Glenn and Cheryl Hall
Gloria Cage
Greater St. Matthew Men's Ministry 
(Herman Burroughs)
Greater St. Matthew Women's Ministry 
(Stephanie Collins)
Greater St. Matthew SW Women's Sunday School (Jackie Baker)
Gwen Jackson
Hampton Hazles
Jackie Poore
Jackie Lane
Jackie Smith
Jean Houston
Jean Samuels
Jimmy and Margaret Campbell
Johnny Smith
Joseph Harris
Joshua Booker
Joyce Smith
Joyclyn Dunham
Karole Webster 
Kroger Community Rewards​
Lashanda Chevis
Lillie Beal
Lillie Crayton
Lillie Young
Linda Follins
Lindler Family Foundation
Lisa Bailey
Maple Jones
Marier Flowers
Marla Nnabuife
Martha Newell
Marty and Benita Harvey
Mary Teague
Maurice Williams
Micah Poole
Michael Lee
Michelle Hearn
Michelle Hines
Myrna Campbell
Patricia Carr
Ray Matthews
Richardean Daniels
Robert Slater
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vallair
Ronna Collins 
Rosalind Haynes
Ruby Thompson
Salah Wilson
Samuel Strong
Sandra Nolan
Sandra Henry
Shauna Naulings
Sharon Sanford
Sharon Gordon
Sheila Tellston
Stafford Chiropractic
Tari Mitchell
Taylor Kelley
Taylor Lundy
Tereva Wright
Terrance and Randi Thomas
Tim Jefferson
Trianna Banks
Velma Wesley
Vivian Lindley
Wiley and Mary Bradley
Willie Frazier
Yolanda Lane

"I always dreamed of having a music camp for children and youth."

To build stronger communities by improving the quality of life of individuals living in historically underserved economically disadvantaged communities. Senior citizens and youth in Houston, Pearland, Missouri City, Stafford and surrounding areas are primarily targeted and served. 

GSM Uplift is a 501(c)3 public charity.
2019 summer music camp dates, youth volunteer training and events to be announced soon!