Dr. Theola Booker
Music Camp
Music and Fine Arts. Enrichment and Much More.
Music and Fine Arts. Enrichment and Much More.

the Mission 
GSMUplift is a non-profit committed to serving vulnerable populations in Houston Harris County and surrounding areas. Senior citizens and youth are the populations primarily targeted and served through programs that offer experiences that bring people together and experiences that eliminate barriers. The mission is to build stronger communities by improving the quality of life of at risk individuals. Programs are provided which instill a sense of community and allow exposure to various art forms through improved accessibility. Programs are provided to equip, empower and encourage individual community members to lead positive lives. Services such as housing and food are provided to populations dealing with special circumstances. 
about the Founders 
Gusta Booker

Gusta Booker, a native of Columbus Texas, is the Founder of the Dr. Theola Booker Summer Music Camp. He is a graduate of Texas Southern University and has been a leader in the community for over 50 years where he advocates for families and stronger communities. He is an  author and currently serves as Director.
Theola Booker (1944-2014)

Dr. Theola Booker, a native Houstonian, is a graduate of Texas Southern University. She received her bachelors and masters degrees in music education with an emphasis on piano. She is a prominent and influential leader in the community and abroad. She is a former piano lab and violin instructor, magnet coordinator and general music teacher for the Houston Independent School District (HISD). She has worked with current and past music greats such as Dorothy Norwood and the legendary James Cleveland. She is highly respected by her peers and has received numerous awards on the local and state level as an outstanding composer, songwriter, pianist and director. She has received the Pianist of the Year award from the Texas gospel radio announcer's guild, an organization established to preserve traditions in gospel music. Theola Booker has directed youth choirs for the National Baptist Congress and NAACP National Convention. Theola Booker always dreamed of having a music camp. She started the summer music camp for all youth in Houston and surrounding areas in 2005.